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Champion Princess Pride 

Bred and Raced by May Pigeons. Elite breeder and racer.

Princess Pride is winner of

1st Federation 908 birds

1st Federation 897 birds

1st Federation 747 birds

2nd Federation 2901 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 1360 birds (BBLM)

Princess Pride is responsible for winners including

1st Federation 734 birds

1st Federation 592 birds

1st Federation 547 birds

1st Federation 312 birds

2nd Federation 1623 birds (BBLM)

2nd Premier 100 Specialist Club (BBLM)

2nd Club 2020 (BBLM)

3rd Club 2020 (BBLM)

4th Federation 799 birds (BBLM)

10th Federation 2020