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Direct Daughter of Champion "Pure Speed" 


Sire: "Vale Luc" Bred by Vermeerbergen-Wilms

Winner of:

3rd Federation 927 birds (BBLM)

3rd Combine 1783 birds (BBLM)

9th Federation 1292 birds

Bred From "Vale Lucky 548" x "Dotcher National Wonder" 

This pair sold on PIPA for over 10,000 euro!

Dam: Champion "Pure Speed" Bred by David Peeters

Winner of:

1st Federation 1212 birds

1st Federation 1272 birds 

6th Federation 532 birds (BBLM)

6th Premier 100 Specialist Club 562 birds (BBLM)

7th Federation 844 birds (BBLM)

13th Federation 650 birds (BBLM)

Only Racing as a Youngster!

Bred From Grandson of "Pitbull" x "Granddaughter of "Pitbull"!